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[Talent Concept]
        Spring protection think talent is the company's most valuable asset.
        We believe: competition, corporate business growth competition is the talent is talent growth.
        In the Soft spring rain, with their professional staff to serve the company, its strongest talents as the core competitiveness, employees are our greatest asset.
        Good working environment, teamwork atmosphere, scientific human resources management, competitive remuneration package, good incentives and vast space to display their talent, so that our employees have the opportunity to give full play to.

[Staff training]
        1, the new orientation
        2, vocational skills upgrading training
        3, assignment refresher training (study abroad, university training, external training agencies)
        4, management skills upgrading training
        5, teamwork training

[Career development]
        1. Establish employee development three channels: Channel management, technical channel, business channel
        2, the establishment of employee career counseling committee, established career development files
        3, the implementation of the company's management staff and conversation system
        4, HR and career development counseling people to guide employees' career growth