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Wire and cable industry development: Pro internal and external

    Although the GDP of China's wire and cable industry surpass the US as the world's first, but for China's wire and cable industry, but it is not a good thing. If such an amazing market GDP can be consumed okay, but not once consumed, it causes a serious oversupply, leading to overcapacity. And because they inevitably lead to overcapacity in the industry into a throat price competition, causing a decline in the quality level of the series crony problems. Therefore, how to open up markets, expand the market, how to enhance their core competitiveness, China's wire and cable industry need to think, do.
    In addition, according to industry statistics, China's top 19 large enterprises occupy the domestic market share of less than 12%, while the addition of more than 400 medium-sized enterprises accounted for only less than 40% market share. The former US market share of 10 to 67 percent, six former Japanese market share of 65 percent, former French market share of 5 to 90%! This gap is not generally see. And with the sharp rise in raw material prices, the domestic small and medium enterprises cash flow, and even cause a number of medium-sized and even small businesses have closed their doors, but also have a certain impact on domestic wire and cable industry.

    There are hidden inside the Tigers out there, not only within China's wire and cable industry worry Zhengsheng, foreign aggression is more not be underestimated. It is reported that China's nuclear power cable market more than 80% of the market share held by the US cable giant anti-Goran Eriksson, but is particularly worrying is that this share is constantly expanding. In addition, China's marine cable has a 50% share held by Eriksson with resistance to China's nuclear power cables and marine cables manufacturer caused great competitive pressure.