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Chengdu city's wire and cable quality checks pass rate of 97.1%

    Chengdu Quality and Technical Supervision informed about the city's 2014 special wire and cable quality supervision and inspection of the situation, a total sample of 104 enterprises, 104 batches of the product showed that 101 batches of qualified, qualified rate of 97.1 percent.
    It is understood that, in order to further strengthen the main responsibility for quality and safety, and urge enterprises according to standards, specifications, Chengdu, wire and cable production and operation, the fight against fake goods production and behavior in the first half of this year, the city of Chengdu Bureau of Quality Supervision in the field of wire and cable production quality conducted a special supervision.
    The special supervision, according to GB / T 5023.3-2008, GB / T5023,5-2008 other standards, the main test indicators are: insulation thickness (average thinnest point), sheath thickness (average thinnest point ), diameter (dimension), ovality, front and rear anti-aging anti insulation strength and rate of change of sheets, sheath before and after aging intensity and rate of change of sheets, insulation and the rate of change of elongation at break, elongation at break and change sheath rate, insulating sheath thermal shock test, thermal aging mass loss (weight loss), conductor resistance, voltage test retardant test, printing signs, labels.

   Upon examination, there are three batches of product failure, the failure of the indicators are: Flag (print flag). In accordance with national standards, wire and cable products business name body should (or trademark), product type, voltage levels, etc. Continuous signs. The inspection, the main problem for the non-printing marks, logos spacing does not meet the standards. The person in charge, the failure is mainly due to insufficient understanding of the standard manufacturers, failure to sign the printed product standards.
    The person in charge of this sample failed enterprises, Quality Supervision Bureau in the investigation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and ordered the company to immediately stop production and sales of substandard products, seriously find the reasons for failure to take effective measures for rectification by rectification passing behind the prospective review of production and sales.