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     Hangzhou Oda Cable Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional coaxial cable, special cable R & D, production and sales of high-tech companies in Hangzhou Oda Cable Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional coaxial cables, special cables developed , production and sales of high-tech companies. After years of research and development of similar products, production, sales of accumulated experience, the product and its manufacturer has a deep understanding. Our main products are semi-flexible coaxial cable, semi-rigid coaxial cable, high-performance RF radio frequency communication cables and accessories, mainly used in mobile communications 3G, GSM, CDMA and other systems, digital microwave communications, aerospace, precision instruments and other; 75 ohm physical foaming satellite and cable TV, high-definition digital cable, CCTV CCTV cables and accessories, used in next-generation cable network, security monitoring system; and the production, marketing, research and development of high-temperature fluorine plastic cable, fiber optic cable and accessories, wire and cable and other materials.

     Oda cable set up a complete quality control system, from raw materials to finished products, the production of each procedure are in strict accordance with ISO9001 management system requirements through rigorous testing and control inspectors; The company has first-class production equipment and testing systems and excellence, effectively ensure product quality, and for this won the unanimous recognition of professional users and consumers.